Felins Coil Tyer


Felins Coil Tyer

The Felins Pak-Tyer 2000 line of tying machines includes the Coil Tyer which is designed specifically for tying circular bundles. Coils of hose, V-belts, surgical tubing, rope, cable are a few examples of the types of products which can be easily tied on the Felins Coil Tyer.

With a unique table design (the table angled at 45_) coils can be tied having a minimum inside diameter of 3". When activated by the foot pedal the banding material is automatically dispensed around the wall of the coil and tied off with a knot. A second band is then placed around the opposite wall of the coil. This secures the bundle from shifting or unwinding. The entire process is completed in seconds without using messy tapes or expensive twist-ties. Up to twenty coils per minute can be tied using various economical tying materials.

Two models are available, the 2000-6 or the 2000-8. Each has a maximum bundle height of 6" and 8" respectively. The Coil Tyer may be mounted directly on a bench or optional cart for mobility. It may be integrated into automated systems and is operable in any orientation. The Offset Tyer is notable for its durability, ease of maintenance and few number of moving parts. Required power is 110 V. Click here to view a dimensional drawing.

Power Requirements: 115 VAC or 220 VAC
Speed: 40-50 cycles per minute
Tying Process: Slip knot