About Us


About Us

Butler Staple Company was formed in 1976 as a distributor of packaging machines and supplies. We are located in Western Pennsylvania, 30 miles north of Pittsburgh and 50 east of Youngstown, Ohio. Since its formation we have developed a product line that includes a broad selection of machines addressing a wide variety of packaging applications. All manufacturers represented are selected based on the quality of their products and commitment to support us as we serve our customers.

In addition to offering quality products Butler Staple Company is committed to providing customer support. We guarantee satisfaction and offer replacement parts and service for all of our machines. Service is performed on site or in our service department depending on the situation. Tech support and maintenance advice are available when needed.

Depending on the particular circumstances we will process samples and arrange for demonstrations or trials of our machines. The machine must fit the application to achieve production efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs.

In most instances Butler Staple Company also provides the consumable materials required by the machines, staples, tape, strap, twist-tie ribbon, band, etc. If not already included in the product line we will source it or refer you to a reliable vendor.

Many of our machines are adaptable to automated systems. For certain applications we have design resources and peripheral equipment to assist you in automating your process. We invite you to call to discuss your packaging application.

Contact Information

Address: 241 North Road, Butler, PA 16001
Phone: (724)287-6980
Toll Free: (800)821-8842
Fax: (724)287-5175