bag openers

Bag Opening

Opening wicketed bags by hand for product insertion is a slow and tedious process. Our Bag Opener will greatly increase productivity as it automatically opens the next bag freeing both hands to handle the product. Used in combination with our twist-tie machines the speed of any bagging operation is increased by a factor of 2 or 3. > View Products

bag sealers

Bag Sealing

Whether light or heavy mil bags our heat sealing machines will produce an airtight seal quickly and efficiently. Table top and floor units are available including a high productivity model for continuous sealing. See our line of twist-tie machines for a re-closable method of bag sealing. Another alternative is our bag taping machines. Models include re-usable, printed and tamper evident seals. > View Products

banding machines


Our extensive line of banding machines provides an economical, safe and attractive means of securing a package or unitizing a bundle of any type of product. Food, pharmaceutical, printing and manufacturing are a few of the applications for which banding is used. Banding materials include white and brown paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, transparent and various colors. Custom printing is available for product identification and brand recognition. > View Products

carton sealers

Carton Sealing

Carton sealing or carton closing is accomplished with a wide variety of methods. Our product line includes wide crown stapling, pressure sensitive or water activated taping. We offer both the tools and consumables. Choice of methods is determined by type of package, contents, cost, rate of productivity and preference. > View Products

corrugated recycler

Corrugated Recycling

The cushioning material made by the ECOWATT from your scrap corrugated is unique and addresses today’s economic and environmental concerns. Realize optimal package protection with practically no material cost. Rather than dispose of excess corrugated convert it into a reusable resource by recycling on-site?
> View Products

tape dispensers

Definite Length Tape Dispensing

Any application requiring continuous measuring and cutting of tape will be enhanced with a machine that manually or automatically dispenses a specified length of tape. Increase of productivity and reduction of costs will be the benefits of using one of our definite length dispensers. > View Products

label dispensers

Label Dispensing

Handheld, manual and electric bench top label dispensers offer an efficient method of dispensing most rolled or fan-folded pressure sensitive labels. Included is a manual bottle label applicator which accurately applies a label to almost any round or cylindrical item. > View Products

shrink wrap machines

Shrink Wrapping

Significantly reduce production costs while providing a very clean and protective wrap on any bundle or item. Our automated shrink wrapping systems are used in applications including commercial laundry, printing, food and pharmaceuticals. Also available are conveyorized components custom designed to complete your automated production line. > View Products

Staplers and Stitchers


Butler Staple Company offers a full line of manual, electric and pneumatic staplers and wire stitchers for packaging, carton closing, manufacturing and office applications. Corrugated, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth and wood are a few examples of materials commonly processed by our machines manufactured by ISM, CCC, Josef Kihlberg, Markwell, Staplex and Ideal Stitcher. > View Products

strapping machines


A broad selection of strapping machines, tools and supplies are available from Butler Staple Company. Semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines manufactured by StraPack and Felins are designed to serve in any application requiring polypropylene strap reinforcement. Also available are hand tools, seals, dispensers and strap for both poly and steel applications. > View Products

stretch wrap machines

Stretch Wrapping

With our line of stretch wrapping machines palletized loads are securely wrapped for safe transport. Various models are available including semi-automatic, fully automatic inline and robotic. > View Products

twist tie machines


Bundle diameters from 1/8" to 9" are handled by our extensive line of twist-tie machines manufactured by Bedford Industries, Plas-Ties and Clements Industries (Tach-It). Various styles of twist-tie ribbon used in our twist-tie machines increase production and reduce repetitive motion disorders when tying poly bags, coils of wire or hose and bundles of any type. > View Products

tying machines


One of the oldest methods of unitizing bundles and securing packages is still one of the most widely used in the marketplace. Machines that wrap around an item and tie a knot have been improved and adapted for an unlimited number of applications including fully automated processes. Felins and Bunn are the leading manufacturers of tying machines in the U.S. Tying materials include string, polytape and elastic cord. Typical applications are printing, mail, laundry, nursery, hose, cable, packaging and manufacturing. > View Products