Better Pack 333 Plus Water-Activated Tape Dispenser


Better Pack 333 Plus Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

The Better Pack 333 Plus Manual Dispenser is rugged, reliable and it is the world's #1 selling manual water-activated tape dispenser.

This easy-to-operate dispenser is perfect for light to medium volume packing and is mechanically superior to all other machines in its class. Economically priced, without the need for electricity, the dispenser is easy to move from one packing line to another.

Better Packages' manual dispensers average over 20 years of useful life.

Accessories to Optimize Performance

Code Taper

  • Prints on-demand, custom messages
  • Applies codes, date stamps, logos or taglines as tape is
  • Imprinting increases security, tracking and branding


  • Conveniently holds tape in upright position
  • No wrestling with long lengths of tape