Robopac Compacta Automatic Banding and Spiral Stretch Wrapping Machine


Robopac Compacta Automatic Banding and Spiral Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Robopac Compacta series machines are built following high quality criteria and construction specifications that have been improved and refined through time. The high degree of satisfaction generated worldwide by the Compacta A series makes these machines the top preference of end users, which entrust their products to horizontal wrapping technology using stretch film. Due to a wide range of ring diameters this line of machines manufactured by Robopac completely covers a broad range of wrapping needs. The Compacta A is a machine that combines construction sturdiness with top-level automatic wrapping operations.

Common applications for the Compacta:

  • Wood molding, firewood, tool handles
  • Aluminum and plastic extrusions and tubing
  • Products banded to corrugated supports, such as appliance components, electric motors, sinks, lamps, etc.
  • Textiles and carpets
  • Unitizing of boxed and bagged products to eliminate expensive corrugated cartons

The Film carriage unit has an adjustable core brake roller and it also has film reloading.

Infeed and outfeed side guides can be manually adjusted to better center products of different widths. This operation can be easily done using the available knobs. The product runs smoothly during the wrapping cycle the idle rollers.

The vertical pressure units automatically settle in order to ensure correct stabilization of the product. The cylinder stroke can be adjusted manually to adjust the pressure on the products of different heights.

The highly reliable cutting and clamping system allows total automatic operation of the wrapping process.

The total machine enclosure ensures maximum safety levels throughout the overall wrapping process.

In the A version, the controls and functions of the machine are managed by simply pressing the icons on the liquid crystal panel. The system makes the operator's job easier by following the wrapping process step-by-step. The electronics of the machine ensures maximum expandability and versatility.

Standard features:

  • Belt driven rotation
  • Ring rotation speed: 70 rpm (960 A), 58 rpm (1200 A)
  • Fully automatic wrapping cycle
  • Infeed and outfeed powered conveyors (L=59')
  • Manually adjustable height drive units: 31' and 40' (960 A), 31' and 42' (1200 A)
  • Adjustable feed speed by frequency changer up to 26 ft/min (960 A), 43 ft/min (1200 A)
  • Infeed and outfeed product detection by photocells
  • Film delivery system with fractioned roll for constant film tensioning
  • Film widths: 3' - 5' (960 A), 5' and 10' (1200 A)
  • Core diameter: 3"
  • Maximum spool diameter: 8' (960 A), 10' (1200 A)
  • Air pressure: 88 psi, 0.9 cfm
  • Power supply: 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz


960 A

1200 A




Bundle Size

25" H x
32" W

32" H x
46" W

*Maximum H x W limited by arc of ring