Robopac Compacta Manual Banding and Spiral Stretch Wrapping Machine


Robopac Compacta Manual Banding and Spiral Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Robopac Compacta Series Manual Banding and Spiral Stretch Wrapping Machines are built following high quality criteria and construction specifications that have been improved and refined through time. The high degree of satisfaction generated worldwide by the Compacta M series makes these machines the top preference of end users, which entrust their products to horizontal wrapping technology using stretch film. Thanks to a wide range of ring diameters this line of machines manufactured by Robopac completely covers a broad range of wrapping needs.

Common applications for the Compacta:

  • Wood molding, firewood, tool handles
  • Aluminum and plastic extrusions and tubing
  • Products banded to corrugated supports, such as appliance components, electric motors, sinks, lamps, etc.
  • Textiles and carpets
  • Unitizing of boxed and bagged products to eliminate expensive corrugated cartons

The film carriage unit has an adjustable core brake system. The tensioning unit present in the 1200 version, guarantees optimal use of the film during the wrapping process. This ability is accomplished using a mechanical spring loaded power.

Total machine closure ensures maximum safety throughout the wrapping process.

The highly reliable cutting and clamping system allows automatic operation of the wrapping process.

Maximum control over the wrapping cycle is achieved through the external pedal that controls the start of the process. The operator always maintains an optimal safety distance.

Standard features

  • Belt driven rotation
  • Ring rotation speed: 150 rpm
  • Number of wraps adjustable from 3-5, continuous wraps with foot pedal
  • Film holder with friction roller
  • Film widths: 2' and 5', core diameter: 3"
  • Pneumatic cold clamping / cutting unit
  • Fixed work table with rollers
  • Single side guide
  • Air pressure: 0.01 cfm
  • Power supply: 110 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz


400 M

620 M

960 M

1200 M






Bundle Size

8" H x
22" W

16" H x
25" W

25" H x
32" W

32" H x
46" W

*Maximum H x W limited by arc of ring