Robopac Rotowrap C LP-AS


Robopac Rotowrap C LP-AS

The Robopac Rotowrap is the ideal solution for wrapping stretch film around particularly unstable products. Holding the pallet still and stabilizing the product using a rotating arm is a common necessity for many industries. The Rotowrap family offers superior-quality products for end-of-line packing technology with machines of excellent design and manufacture that provide fast and efficient pallet wrapping.

Floor mount (Rotowrap C LP-AS) and wall mount (Rotowrap W LP-AS) models are provided.

The Rotowrap C(W) LP-AS wrapping machines are built following the high standards of all Robopac machines. End-of cycle film gripping, cutting and sealing are fully automatic. Whether in the self-standing version or the column version, Rotowrap C(W) LP-AS machines will effectively handle all aspects of fully automated load wrapping. These machines are unequaled for durability, with performance levels at the top of the class.

The microprocessor control board with digital push buttons enable the adjustment and selection of load wrapping parameters including:

  • Number of top / bottom wraps
  • Photocell sensing delay for top overlap
  • Stretch ration adjustment
  • Force to load controls (top, bottom, up and down)
  • Full wrapping (up and down)
  • Single cycle (up or down only)
  • Water proof cycle
  • Cycle with reinforcement wraps
  • Top platen wrapping cycle (optional)
  • 4 pre-set wrapping cycles

The PFS film carriage is a powered friction pre-stretch system. The pre-stretch ratio is adjustable on the control panel from 0% up to 250% / 300% by a electromagnetic brake. The force-to-load is controlled by a patented electronic device and is adjustable from the panel board. Safety stop at roll carriage bottom.

Standard features

  • Arm rotation speed: 4-12 rpm
  • Up / down carriage speed: 5.2 ft/min - 14.5 ft/min
  • Power supply: 120 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz
  • Machine height: 122"
  • Machine weight (Rotowrap C): 1676 lbs. (Rotowrap W): 1213 lbs.
  • Maximum pallet dimensions: 48" x 48"
  • Wrapping height: 80", 94" or 110"
  • Maximum film width: 20"
  • Ring gear bearing drive
  • Soft start / stop
  • Load height sensing photocell
  • Cycle start acoustic signal
  • Warning light for machine in operation
  • Arm rotation stopping device by emergency bumper
  • Dual photocell technology for detecting obstacles and controlling load profile
  • Optional pneumatic top platen (stroke 39")
  • Optional film carriage variable speed
  • Optional supporting legs