Robopac Robot S5


Robopac Robot S5

The Robot S5 perfectly represents ROBOPAC manufacturing philosophy. The Robot was born from a revolutionary idea: the wrapping machine goes around the load. This approach immediately had a huge impact on the market. Since then the Robot has been renewed, improved and better equipped during 25 years of ROBOPAC's history. This stretch wrapping machine has therefore reached outstanding qualities and reliability levels. The Robot is equipped with the most efficient safety devices and it is the ideal partner for all industrial environments for which logistic versatility is a priority. The Robot:

  • is able to work in a tight space
  • wraps compact loads of any shape, size and weight
  • has great battery autonomy
  • can be easily moved from one load to another
  • can wrap pallets in less than one minute
  • has powered pre-stretch film delivery (0% to 250% stretch ratio)
  • is safe and simple
  • is built tough for rugged durability
  • requires minimal maintenance
  • performs well in cooler temperatures
  • is field proven with over 20,000 units in use

    These are some of the qualities that have made it the undisputed world leader in its category.

    The control panel is equipped with a display for functions and parameters, battery charge display and a practical alert system that detects and locates where maintenance or action might be needed. Parameters included are bottom and top wraps, rotation speed, spool carriage upward/downward speed, film pre-stretch ratio, film deposit force onto the load, photocell sensing delay, height of reinforcing rounds from ground level and height from ground level of cycle start.

    Selectable cycles include full wrapping cycle: up/down, Individual cycle only up or down, top sheet cycle, reinforcing wraps cycle, operating cycle with preset height from ground level, photocell exclusion cycle (height sensing by altimeter) and ability to save 4 custom programmed cycles. The PFS film carriage is a powered friction pre-stretch system. The pre-stretch ratio is adjustable on the control panel from 0% up to 250% by a electromagnetic brake. The force-to-load is controlled by a patented electronic device and is adjustable from the panel board. Safety stop at roll carriage bottom. Quick Load System for easy and quick film loading.
    Standard features
    • Batteries: 24 VDC
    • Turntable rotation speed
    • Carriage up/down speed: 5.2 ft/min - 19.6 ft/min
    • Number of pallets/battery charge: over 250
    • Emergency bumper for immediate stopping when obstacles are present
    • Remote control operation
    • Forward and reverse maneuverability
    • Automatic film cutting device
    • Power supply: 120 V, 1 phase, 60 Hz
    • Minimum pallet dimensions: 24" x 24"
    • Maximum pallet dimensions: unlimited
    • Wrapping height: 86", 94", 110", 118"
    • Maximum film width: 20"