Robopac Rotoplat 506 LP-AS


Robopac Rotoplat 506 LP-AS

The Automatic Robopac Rotoplat 506 LP-AS Stretch Wrap Machines represent the innovative and flexible solution to fully automatic pallet wrapping. The operator places the load on the turntable, starts the cycle by remote control and, after having accomplished the wrapping cycle in an automatic manner, removes the pallet. The innovative Film Clamping & Cutting Unit with integrated sealer ensures accurate hooking, cutting and sealing of film tail that perfectly adheres to the pallet; full respect of the safety rules is guaranteed in every operating condition. The pallet can be positioned by fork lift truck or pallet jack and, thanks to the base plate 4". high, Rotoplat LP-AS has a high operating flexibility.

The innovative clamp and cut unit is based on a pneumatic system and delivers high precision and reliable performances by executing each operation step by step. The integrated sealing unit on the LP AS machines is able to seal the film at the end of each wrapping cycle and ensures the absence of any tail. The clamp unit allows the machine to be always ready for the next cycle.

The control panel is equipped with a practical alert system that detects and locates where maintenance/action might be needed. The control panel features the ability to control table rotation speed, film tensioning, carriage up/down speed, film tension upward/downward, bottom and top wraps, film pre-stretch 0% to 300%, photoeye delay and sealing time. Wrapping cycles and custom programs provide a top sheet cycle (water proofing), top hold down cycle, reinforcement wraps and 4 programmable pre-sets.

The PFS film carriage is a powered friction pre-stretch system. The pre-stretch ratio is adjustable on the control panel from 0% up to 300% by a electromagnetic brake. The force-to-load is controlled by a patented electronic device and is adjustable from the panel board. Safety stop at roll carriage bottom. Quick Load System for easy and quick film loading.

Standard features

  • Plate diameter: 70"
  • Table height: 3-5/8"
  • 16 heavy duty table supports with sealed ball bearings
  • Optional ramp available for use with floor jack
  • Turntable rotation speed: 4-15 rpm
  • Remotely controlled cycle start
  • Automatic clamp, cut and seal unit
  • Forklifting: front and rear
  • Hinged mast for easy handling and one person installation
  • Power supply: 120 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz
  • Phase stopping
  • Soft start/stop
  • Automatic home position
  • Manual film tail holding device
  • Load dimensions: 48" x 48"
  • Wrapping height: 94" , 110" optional
  • Optional pneumatic platen and pallet jack version
  • Maximum load weight: 4400 lbs.
  • Maximum film width: 20"