ATS-MS Banding Machines


ATS-MS Banding Machines

The Wexler ATS MS series banders are semi-automatic table top machines which automatically apply a paper or poly film band around a product or bundle. The machine is activated by push button, foot pedal or auto trip sensor. The band is automatically delivered through the arch and upon activation is drawn tight around the bundle, heat sealed and cut. A microprocessor controls the heating element and provides "instant on" capability eliminating the warm up cycle. The machine automatically resets in the event a cycle is activated with no bundle in the arch. The arch utilizes a track system to deliver the band enabling continuous feed and band applications for long bundles.

Standard features

  • Starts immediately
  • Very reliable
  • No maintenance
  • Easy operation & user friendly
  • Steel track with side release for easy clearing
  • Quickly change rolls or material
  • Custom printed band available
  • Tension Control
  • Less frontage for smaller products
  • Optional dispenser stand


MS 380

MS 420/30

MS 420/50

Arch Size

15" x 7.25

16.5" x 8"

16.5" x 8"

Tape Width

20 mm

30 mm

50 mm