Felins Flex Strap System


Felins Flex Strap System

The Felins Flex Strap System is the most economical and efficient way to bundle and unitize products of any type. By utilizing a 2" or 3" wide band of stretch wrap film the Flex Strap is designed to wrap around the bundle 2 - 6 times pre-programmed or continuously as long as the foot pedal is depressed. The strength, gentleness and versatility of stretch film makes the Flex Strap System the perfect choice for a wide variety of strapping, banding, tying and bundling applications.

The bundle is placed into the opening of the machine, the foot pedal is depressed, the stretch film is wrapped, sealed and cut. Multiple or spiral wraps are applied by passing the bundle through the arch. Typical applications include printed materials, wood products, extruded plastics, textiles, mail, corrugated cartons, retail merchandise...

Designed to provide years of continuous service, the critical wear parts are manufactured using a special hardlube coating process that greatly reduces lubrication service and eliminates wear under normal conditions. The Flex Strap frame is constructed with 4" x 2" tubular steel with 4 large diameter swivel / locking casters for portability.

Standard features

  • Stretch film width: 2" or 3"
  • Stretch film gauge thickness: 60 - 200 gauge, depending upon application and number of wraps
  • Film types: high cling (inside and / or outside), colored films, UVI rated films
  • Stretch: depends on gauge, adjustable from near 0% to 150% using 60 gauge film
  • Positive film heat sealing system
  • Tool-free quick change film unspooler
  • Product width: 2" - 19" depending on height
  • Product height: 1" - 10" depending on width
  • Product length: 4" - unlimited
  • Speed: 25 - 30 bands per minute on 2 wrap setting
  • Safety features: Fully guarded, electrical interlock on door, service lock-out switch
  • Low maintenance
  • Power: 110 volts