ATS US Thermal Transfer Printer


ATS US Thermal Transfer Printer

The Thermal Transfer Printing (TTP) option for the ATS US Banding Machines allows you to print product information directly onto the band prior to banding. This is perfect for bar coding, expiration dating, lot numbers, date stamping and even your company logo. A simple printing solution for an "all-in-one" bundling solution. No need to apply labels after bundling the product together.

With the PC, various blocks and/or fonts can be selected via an interface without additional cost. Thus it is possible to print different schemes depending on the product being bundled. Also, with products of varying sizes, the adjustable printer position ensures the printing is always in the desired location.

Standard features

  • Software composer SD for Windows
  • Printer position control including software with color reader
  • Digital controller ATS-DCP 2000 for retracting to fixed band length