ATS US-2100 Banding Machine


ATS US-2100 Banding Machine

The ATS US-2100 Banding Machine is state-of-the art in banding technology and is the newest model in the ATS line. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland the ATS US-2100 is built with the highest quality components and finest craftsmanship available. Industrial duty and capable of consistent performance in high volume operations this machine applies paper, clear film or ribbon film banding materials. The "large format" ATS US-2100 Banding Machine applies a 3" (75mm) or 4" inch (100mm) wide band abound your bundle eliminating the cost of inner packs and full shrink over wraps. With custom printing the band becomes an advertising / marketing tool.

The ATS US-2100 AB bander is a semi-automatic banding machine which automatically applies the band around a product or bundle. The machine is activated by push button, foot pedal or auto trip sensor. The band is automatically delivered through the arch and upon activation is drawn tight around the bundle, sealed and cut.

This bander uses "cold-welding Ultra-Sonic technology" which fuses the band and provides a very clean and secure seal. With Ultra-Sonic sealing there is no pre-heating, odor, residues or heated parts inside the machine. Sealing is 100% consistent and adjustable so that seals can be minimal and easily opened by hand or extra strong to hold tight for heavy bundles. It is designed for all industries including the Graphic Arts Industry, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Cosmetic, Light Packaged Goods Manufacturers, the Garment Trade and Retailers.

Standard features

  • Tape widths: 75 mm, 100 mm
  • Custom printing available
  • Arch size: 450 mm (17.75") W x 235 mm (9.25") H
  • Speed: 30 bands/minute
  • User friendly controls
  • Sensitive tension controls
  • Thermal printer optional