Felins Offset Tyer


Felins Offset Tyer

The Felins Offset Tyer is particularly designed for greenhouse applications but is suited for many other bundling applications. The angled table allows for the bundling of seedlings, flowers, shrubs and vegetables without bruising. Dirt and water resistant construction enables this machine to be used in the harshest environments. Its unique offset design and extended throat length allow the machine to be operated from either side and easily accomodates long bundles.

The Felins Offset Tyer is activated by foot switch or a micro-switch at the table surface. When a bundle is presented and the machine activated the tying material is delivered around the bundle, tied and cut. Wrapping once, the Offset Tyer secures the bundle most economically. Various tying materials are available including string, polytape and elastic cord. With the elastic cord the Offset Tyer is referred to as the "Elastic Tyer" and very efficiently replaces hand applied rubber banding applications.

Two models are available, the 2000-6 or the 2000-10. Each has a maximum bundle height of 6" and 10" respectively. The Offset Tyer may be mounted directly on a bench or optional cart for mobility. It may be integrated into automated systems and is operable in any orientation. The Offset Tyer is notable for its durability, ease of maintenance and few number of moving parts. Required power is 110 V. Click here to view a dimensional drawing.

Power Requirements: 115 VAC or 220 VAC
Speed: 40-50 cycles per minute
Tying Process: Slip knot