Felins Pak-Tyer 2000 Tying Machine


Felins Pak-Tyer 2000 Tying Machine

The Felins line of tying equipment begins with the standard series Pak-Tyer 2000 single wrap tyers. Available in 6 sizes with capacities ranging from 6" to 22" in product height, the Felins Pak-Tyers tie an unlimited range of products securely using string, polytape or elastic cord. Applications include laundry, agriculture, printing, publishing, garment manufacturing, mailing and commercial food processing.

The Pak-Tyer 2000 is a state-of-the-art, electronic direct drive system, water-resistant and impervious to dirt and contamination. It eliminates the typical wear points of conventional tyers - belt and gear wear - because it is electronically driven, not belt driven. The motor runs only during the cycle. The Pak-Tyer 2000 can be installed in a variety of in-line applications, even upside down or at a right angle and is built to last through years of heavy-duty use, and with minimum maintenance and maximum performance. Click here to view the Vacuum Tail Removal System Option (VTR) available on any Pak-Tyer 2000 model.

The Pak-Tyer 2000 is activated with a foot trip or auto trip. The product is passed over the table catching the tying material and upon activation the wrap is completed, a knot tied and the material cut. The machine automatically resets for the next bundle. Safety features, Photo-Safety Sensors and a Break-Away Delivery Arm, ensure safety for the operator, protect the integrity of the bundle and guard against machine malfunction.

Various versions of the Pak-Tyer are designed for specific applications such as mail tray banding, laundry and garment tying, bundling flowers, seedlings or plants, coil tying and meat and poultry tying. Automated systems and automation accessories are available to make the Pak-Tyer 2000 a highly productive tool in your manufacturing or packaging process.

Model 2000-6 2000-8 2000-10 2000-12 2000-16 2000-22


6" 8" 10" 12" 16" 22"
Weight 145 lb.. 170 lb. 210 lb. 230 lb. 260 lb. 300 lb.
Table Size 16" x 22" 16" x 26" 24" x 30" 24" x 30" 24" x 38" 24" x 38"

Power Requirements: 115 VAC or 220 VAC
Speed: 40-50 cycles per minute
Tying Process: Slip knot