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Staplers / Stitchers

Butler Staple Company offers a full line of manual, electric and pneumatic staplers and wire stitchers for packaging, carton closing, manufacturing and office applications. Corrugated, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth and wood are a few examples of materials commonly processed by our machines manufactured by ISM, CCC, Josef Kihlberg, Markwell, Staplex and Ideal Stitcher.


CCC Pneumatic Roll Staplers
Portable pnuematic roll carton stapler

CCC Foot Bottom Staplers
Foot operated bottom stapler

CCC Pneumatic Bottom Staplers
Pneumatic bottom stapler

CCC Post Mounted Pneumatic Stapler
High productivity bump trip pneumatic post mounted stapler

CCC Bench Mounted Pneumatic Stapler
High productivity bump trip pneumatic bench mounted stapler

CCC Botomit
Portable bottom stapling support stand

Markwell MPL3 Plier Stapler
Industrial stapling plier

Markwell MPL3CS Carton Closing Plier Stapler
Industrial carton closing plier stapler

Josef Kihlberg JK35T590 Pneumatic Plier Stapler
Large capacity heavy duty pneumatic plier stapler