Shrink Wrap Machines

Significantly reduce production costs while providing a very clean and protective wrap on any bundle or item. Our automated shrink wrapping systems are used in applications including commercial laundry, printing, food and pharmaceuticals. Also available are conveyorized components custom designed to complete your automated production line.


Eastey Industrial Shrink Tunnels
Industrial Shrink Tunnels

Eastey Combo Shrink Wrapping L-Sealer / Tunnel
Combo Shrink Wrapping L-Sealer and Tunnel on a common frame

Eastey EB Series Sleeve Wrapping Systems
Self Centering Sleeve Wrapping Systems

Eastey Bundling Shrink Tunnels
Sleeve Wrapper Bundling Tunnel

Eastey High Speed Shrink Tunnels
High Speed Shrink Tunnels

Eastey Choo Choo Shrink Tunnel
Custom Conveyorized Shrink Tunnel with Shrink Band Carriers