STS Conveyors

STS Conveyors

Lugged ( Flighted ) Conveyors
The STS Lugged Conveyor offers a dual chain system, variable speed A.C. or D.C. up 300 fpm., adjustable side guides and a slip clutch for safety. 20" wide by 5' long is the standard.Contact STS for additional sizes.

Belted Conveyors
The Belted Conveyors have a 14" wide belt and are 12ft. long. Variable speed A.C. or D.C drives with a guide rail. Not big enough? Contact STS for additional sizes.

Plastic Chain Conveyors
The Plastic Table Top Chain Conveyors offer a maintenance free system. No belt tracking and section replacement if damaged. Contact STS for details.

Custom Conveyors
Need a special conveyor to fit your project? STS has a 3D Cad system along with our engineering staff, can design the conveyor system to fit your needs. Contact STS for your special projects

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