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Eastey Bundling Shrink Tunnels

Eastey Bundling Shrink Tunnels

Eastey Bundling Tunnels are ruggedly constructed to accommodate heavy packages sealed on Eastey Sleeve Wrappers using polyethylene film. Solid state temperature controller maintains precise temperature within the tunnel chamber. Dual heater banks insure fast heat recovery. Variable air velocity and four sided directional air flow assures positive shrinking of film around each product. Cooling fan and extended conveyor length assist with film cooling and shrinking.

Standard features

  • Chamber dimensions: 16" or 20" (H) x 24", 48", 70" (W) x 78" (H)
  • 220volt, 60 or 100 amp, 3 Phase
  • Exit cooling fans allow for some additional cool down time after the product exits the heat chamber.
  • There is a choice of either a dead roller conveyor or a heat resistant, plastic belt conveyor that provides excellent product support.
  • Tunnels have a variable speed, four-directional air flow (2 sides, top, and bottom).
  • Bases are supplied with locking casters and leveling adjusters.

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