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Bedford Ring Tyer #BT325 Twist-Tie Machine

Bedford Ring Tyer #BT325 Twist-Tie Machine

The Bedford Technology Ring Tyer bundles numerous products such as cable, hose, tubing, cords, etc. utilizing 1/4" double wire tie material. The product is placed inside the open ring and the foot pedal or the optional trip switch actuates the machine's cycle. The ring closes and the tie is wrapped around the product. The tyer automatically tightens the tie to the preset tension and twists the tie ends together. The machine is hand fed and operated. Standard ring size is 4" and can be exchanged for a 6" or 9" ring depending up the application. The BT325 controls are run from a high speed PLC that provides reliable and repeatable operation. The tyer is mounted on a heavy duty frame with casters for durability and easy movement between workstations. Click here to view dimensional drawing.

Standard features

  • Easy and dependable operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable table height
  • Adjustable machine height
  • Adjustable tying tension
  • AC motor drive
  • Tying diameters: 1" - 8-1/2"
  • Twist-tie ribbon: 1/4" or 1/2" wide
  • Setting for 2 or 3 twists
  • Speed: up to 45 cycles/min
  • Power: 120 volts, 65 PSI plant air

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